2018 Tesla Roadster Mark of quality

2018 Tesla Roadster-front view

Somewhere in 2017, the auto market is expected to receive a new for-sale product from Tesla Roadster. This will be no other than the 2018 Tesla Roadster which includes almost everything one needs in car. From the top to the bottom, 2018 Tesla Roadster is expected to feature a mark of quality and perfection. Dating from 2008 when the first Tesla reached the market, fresh and enhanced features have been noticed in each new model. It is for this reason that this wonderful vehicle model has been able to make more than 2400 sales throughout the world.

2015 Toyota Prius Plug-In

2015 Toyota Prius Plug-In-front view

In response to the requests from their fans, Toyota is now back with a cheaper but fuel efficient car that operates both on electric charge and gasoline. Branded as the 2015 Toyota Prius Plug-in, it is expected to yield an exemplary following considering that it will not only meet customer desires for all-electric range but also go for the most affordable price possible. We also expect to see great improvements on the exterior as well as the interior though this hasn’t been made public yet. With its 1.4L gasoline engine and the 4.4 kWh electric motor, the car is sufficiently equipped to meet your powering needs.

2015 Vauxhall Ampera Look

2015 Vauxhall Ampera-front view

The UK limited General Motors is just about to release their second-gen the 2015 Vauxhall Ampera. Our sources claim that the new Vauxhall Ampera interior and exterior will be slightly redesigned. Its external surface will be highlighted by a prepossessing fascia look, rear spoiler and a stylish new grille. The interior boasts first-class materials, metallic paint for more luxurious tone and leather-fortified back and rear seats. Power for this Vauxhall model is in plenty as it is obtained from more than one source. With its electric motor, the 1.4L gasoline engine and the lithium Ion battery pack, there is sufficient power supply to keep the car moving for hours.

Rimac Concept One Review

Rimac Concept One-front view

Rimac Concept One is one of those two-seat all-electric super-cars everyone would admire to have. Branded as the fastest electric sports car that exists of late, Rimac Concept One originated as an idea of a 24-year old Croatian boy known as Mate Rimac. Ever since the first Rimac Concept car was manufactured in January 2013, there have been 8 cars produced and sold.

2016 Nissan Leaf Nismo RC Performance

2016 Nissan Leaf Nismo RC-font view

It is now clear that Nissan is just about to release their 2016 Nissan Leaf Nismo RC. Most likely, this will be before the end of the year 2015. Categorized among the best sport cars, Nissan Leaf Nismo RC is all-remarkable ranging from its design to the performance. Inside, no many changes which have been made though most of the areas have been refined to improve their functionality. Outside, the car has got a number of enhancements when compared to the previous model. The engine preferences are now more powerful and efficiently initiated which means driving is easier and more comfortable.

2016 Honda Accord PHEV

2016 Honda Accord PHEV-front view

If you are a profound fan of well designed sedans, you may have definitely heard of the splendid user-oriented sedan the 2016 Honda Accord PHEV. But if you haven’t, it is nothing other than a remarkable hybrid sedan that comes decently crafted with unparalleled high level of fuel economy and drivability.

Featuring a powerful 6.7 kWh lithium ion battery and hi-tech design and features, 2015 Accord PHEV offers fans the level of driving coverage anyone can expect from a sedan of its size and price. You can expect the best driving experience, as it not only offers improved specs but also better engine performance.

2015 Cadillac ELR Design

2015 Cadillac ELR-front view

Deriving its design from the 2009 Detroit Show Converj concept, 2015 Cadillac ELR is one of those cars one can say debuted behind their time. Designed to replace the somewhat boring 2014 gen, this Cadillac ELR features a sumptuous interior, hard-wearing sheet-metal, outstanding engine options and promising fuel efficiency. Its CUE infotainment and lissome leather trimmed cabin makes it more of a modern car. The combination of the electric motors and the 16.5 kWh battery pack makes this Cadillac ERL a great choice for all who love luxurious and comfortable drive.

2016 Volkswagen e-Up! Is a smart city car to own?

2016 Volkswagen e-Up-front view

Volkswagen UP! Was first premiered in 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and production started in December 2011. It is a city car and is built upon NSF or New Small Family series platform. The company released a full electric model in 2013 named as 2016 Volkswagen e-Up! Al the UP models are designed by Volkswagen Head Designer, Marque Klaus Bischoff and Chief Designer Walter de’Silva.

Volvo V60 PHEV R-design

2016 Volvo V60 PHEV-front view

Volvo is known for its comfort and luxury. Here is another car fr4om Volvo, the Volvo V60 PHEV which runs on hybrid combining an electric motor as well as a diesel engine. Yes, this is surprising! It is the world’s first car to run on plug-in hybrid engine fuelled by diesel. The prototype was released back in 2011 and the current production model was released in late 2013.

Volvo C30 Electric Review

Volvo C30 Electric-front view

More and more electric cars are being manufactured and are receiving growing popularity because of one main reason; it can be recharged at night while sleeping and yields an efficiency of 60-80 miles once fully charged. Although electric cars don’t get refuelled easily like petrol ones, it is safer for the environment as negligible CO2 emissions occur. To make environment safer, Volvo is planning to launch its next gen of the Volvo C30 Electric.